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Q: Is this a scam? Is this rubbish? Are you "snake-oil" salesmen?

A: No, this is absolutely NOT a scam, and this isn't rubbish or "snake-oil". It is 100% legitimate and we operate with complete integrity that ensures our information is valid & valuable, and that you receive all your purchased e-books. As our website & e-book state, positive results by the natural substance and it's multiple methods of treatment have been documented thousands of times in mainstream medical & scientific journals, going back over 100 years. (Our e-book shares all the methods.) It's not our fault mainstream doctors and sources have been ignoring their own journals on this topic for decades. With an introduction by and of this substance/treatment by Jim's amazing life-restoration story, we're simply messengers bridging the gap to get the well-documented truth out that mainstream medicine has long ignored and essentially buried.

(One doctor years ago began hearing claims about this substance; then, after researching the documentation for himself, he went on to become a big advocate of it and even wrote a book about the health & healing benefits of it.)

We have satisfied readers of our e-book around the world, including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Scotland, South Africa, Thailand, Wales and many states in the U.S. We've had much positive feedback from our customers/readers.

If we were scamming people and getting many complaints (that would naturally follow) PayPal would have terminated service with us long ago. But, to the contrary, we have excellent status with PayPal. Out of all the e-books we've sold we have had only a handful of complaints (less than a quarter of 1%), and all of these few complaints were from downloading issues caused not by us but by the customers themselves who failed to read our download instructions on our website before purchasing and had some difficulty or they accidently closed their download page too soon. We resolved all these few complaints with 100% customer satisfaction (usually within 24 hours). None of these complaints were about the content of our e-books.

If you have any issues please do not contact PayPal, contact us directly because your issue will be resolved much faster. Again, as far as the value & validity of our e-book information goes, we have had no negative comments or complaintsonly positive feedback. Moreover, we have developed a number of ongoing e-mail relationships (friendships) with some of our readers. And this is only possible because the quality of our e-book information is high and we operate with honesty & integrity.

A degree of skepticism online is necessary and beneficial. But don't let skepticism prevent you from getting our valid & valuable information. Soon into reading our main e-book you'll begin to see the high quality we provide and that we are not at all scamming people. And if you ever have questions, concerns or issues we provide 100% satisfaction e-mail support (usually within 24 hours). So, there's nothing lose here and only valid & valuable, health & healing information to gain.

Q: Is the treatment that Jim, Anne and thousands of people have used a 'cure'?

(See 'Testimonials' page for 11 of Anne's e-mails and how she used this treatment to beat her severe COPD in 87 days.)

A: No, it is not a 'cure' … at least not in the mainstream medical definition of cure. As many forward-thinking doctors and other qualified sources have said, mainstream medicine & big pharmaceutical companies are in the symptom treating business, not the curing business. If they truly tried to seek real cures—they'd be putting their (much more profitable) symptom-treating establishments out of business. (See the 'Medicine' page for more.)

As our e-book explains on this, there is a huge difference between mainstream medical and alternative/natural healing sciences, purposes, practices and results. Mainstream medicine generally tries to 'directly' affect change often by essentially excluding the powers & processes of Nature; but alternative medicine & natural healing generally try to facilitate Nature and the innate healing powers & processes of the body which naturally tend to cleanse, balance, strengthen, heal and even regenerate the body. That is, they try to assist Nature to make the changes, "indirectly." Many mainstream methods actually undermine the natural processes which is largely why such methods are so dangerous (see report: 'Death and Harm from Prescription Drugs').

Since mainstream medicine seems to have a general mindset of symptom management (which assumes most conditions are 'incurable'), anyone who speaks of 'cure' is discredited. That's mostly why we use the terms 'beat' or 'heal' as opposed to 'cure.'

Some alternative/natural sources, including some of the additional e-books we offer in our bundles, do use the word 'cure.' This is in the common sense useage of the word as opposed to mainstream medicine's definition. There are huge differences between mainstream and alternative medical sciences and thus assumptions, theories, paradigms, principles, practices, definitions and results, which our main e-book explains along with Jim's story and the details of the substance/treatment methods.

Q: Why don't you just share what the natural substance is because that's all I want to know?

A: Although this treatment is very simple to do at home and takes only a few minutes a day to do (once you have everything to do it), there are some very important things to know before one starts the treatment. It's not as simple as giving you the name of a vitamin or supplement so you can be off and running on your own.

One man said he knew a lot about natural healing and just wanted to know the name of the substance. He expected it was as simple as taking a vitamin or supplement. He soon found out otherwise. He got the e-book and read only the section that shared the name of the substance. He then had many questions about the use & misuse of it. Had he read all the sections in our e-book pertaining to the substance/treatment all his questions would have been answered with out him having to e-mail us multiple times.

Our e-book also lays an introductory foundation to the principles, sciences and history of orthodox medicine vs. alternative medicine & natural healing. This information is beneficial to understand the context of the treatment Jim did and many foundational principles of natural healing. This is intended to enlighten, educate and empower you with broader health & healing for yourself and family. If we didn't include such foundational information many people would have endless questions they would ask us or have to seek elsewhere. So, though it's not exhaustive on the subjects, we made our e-book as comprehensive as necessary for most people.

Our e-book can save you countless hours of research and money. If you truly only want to know the treatment you can easily find it in our e-book. We'll be happy to answer questions, but before you e-mail us any questions, please read the whole e-book first.

Again, as you will see from our e-book, the treatment is simple to do; but there is much to learn about it first. And this is why we put it all in a book (which includes other sources and resources to expand your knowledge, if you choose).

Q: Why aren't you giving away this information for free?

A: It has taken years and much money to learn the information in our e-book. It took countless hours to research, compile and write our e-book. And it takes time and money to maintain, promote the website and to offer support via e-mail and telephone calls. If there was no income from this, I simply wouldn't be able to do it at all, and no one would benefit from it.

We have given more than a few of our e-books away for free as gifts to people who really wanted it but didn't have the money at the time. They were told it was a gift and not to worry about paying. However, most of them did value it and paid later when they had the money because they felt it was worth it.

Our first passion is to help people with Jim's story and the information, but we also need to be able to "keep the lights on."

Our e-book has been valued at $27. But with the Basic Bundle on the Purchase eBook page, you get our e-book and all the other e-books and free bonuses for only $14.95. The real value is about 5 times this amount at $76.82. This means you get real value of far more than the price paid. We could easily sell our e-book alone for $14.95, but we want to give you exceptional value.

Thank you for the support so we can continue reaching people who need this information.

Q: Can I use this natural substance/treatment while taking prescription drugs?

A: As stated elsewhere, we are not doctors and cannot and do not advise on such questions. However, based on our knowledge and experience, and what other qualified sources say, this treatment should not interfere with other drugs, vitamins or supplements—when done by the program detailed in our e-book. Once reading our e-book you'll understand how and why it has been done safely and successfully by thousands of people, and why it is supported by some good, forward-thinking doctors, healing arts practitioners, and countless others who have done this treatment.

Q: How much will it costs me to do this treatment above getting your e-book?

A: Obviously, we can't say exactly for you as it depends upon the pricing to get the natural substance where you live and the couple of other items; it also depends upon the quantity of the substance you get and how much you use it by which methods of the treatment you do. It will likely be approximately $20 above the Basic Bundle price; so, about $35 to $40 in total. The whole thing cost Anne less than $40; she did Methods 1 & 2, and beat her severe COPD in 87 days.

Q: Can I get the natural substance and the couple of other needed items where I live?

A: Yes, you should be able to get it/them. We have customers in over a dozen countries and no one has told us they couldn't get it or the other necessary items. Some health food stores carry it but many don't. If you can't find these items locally you can order them online; if you can receive packages by UPS, Fed Ex or other delivery you should be able to get these items. Our e-book and the bonus e-book (The Truth About …) lists U.S. and international sources and resources for you.

Q: How soon can I start the treatment Jim, Anne and thousands of others have done?

A: If you can find the natural substance and other few items in a local store you can start within a day or two after reading our e-book. If you have to order the items it may take a week or longer to get started.

Q: lf the treatment Jim used is so well medically documented—then why isn't it well known?

A: This a great question, and is usually one of the first questions most rational people have upon hearing such claims as Jim and Anne's stories. After Jim recovered his life, and discovered that it's been well-documented in mainstream medical journals for decades—I wondered why his doctor hadn't heard of it.

There is an answer to this, but many people find it difficult to believe. Many good doctors and other qualified sources say that mainstream medicine is largely funded by big pharmaceutical companies ("big pharma") who is driven by profits, big profits from their patented drugs and treatments. However, as by law they cannot patent natural substances (such as the stuff Jim used), they use their power to shut out inexpensive (low profit) substances that threaten their profit system. According to diverse and qualified sources, it is not just big pharma, but there are many vested interests (advertising agencies, the medical system in general, medical schools, para organizations, etc.) who prefer the status quo of the symptom-treating medical system.

As stated elsewhere, healing successes by the substance/treatment Jim used have been documented many times in mainstream medical & scientific journals for decades. As this is a fact, you would think that it would be taught and supported by medical schools for years now. There must be a reason that it has been and is ignored. Can it be that it was and continues to be a simple oversight? Hardly. As you will see from our e-book and the bonus e-book, The Truth About …, there is much evidence of intentionality to suppress inexpensive, low-profit substances and treatments that threaten the status quo. It is the opinion of many that anyone who doesn't believe this or refuses to, hasn't researched it themselves or has an interest themselves in the status quo.

Most people have a hard time accepting that those whom they've long trusted, and should be able to trust, are not so trustworthy. The facts, evidence and qualified sources are more than abundant for anyone to verify. (See our "Quotes" and "Medicine" pages for more.)

Q: Why are you offering so many other e-books, free bonuses and e-book bundles?

A: Some people just want our e-book and don't care about the other subjects/e-books. However, there are many people who have other conditions or want to expand there knowledge; or maybe they're just curious about these other subjects. We are offering these other e-books to give more options. And, because of the bundle deals we can offer them at a fraction of their respective values.

Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy your e-books?

A: No, you do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase our e-books. On the PayPal checkout page, click on the blue text that says: "Don't have a PayPal account?" This will open a PayPal page that will allow you to use any major credit card.

Q: Is your main e-book also available as a print (hard book) copy version?

A: No, it is not available in hard copy at this time; it is is only in the e-book (PDF) format. (PDF is likely the most common digital format, and is readable on both PC's and Mac's.) However, you can print a copy of any of the e-books with your printer and put them in three-ring binders if you would like hard copies. A binder copy is very convenient for making notes. Our main e-book, How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks, is about 130 pages; if you don't want to print the whole book, you can print out only the sections you want.

There are several reasons we have it only in e-book format:

For one, we don't have the space or manpower to print, store and ship our e-books. Secondly, there are many links in our ebook to click on that will take you to other internet sources and resources. Most of these links are too long for people to have to type them in their web browser from a printed book. If you want to print our e-book, we highly recommend you read our ebook on your computer the first time so you can just click on the links and won't have the frustration of having to type them.

Thirdly, we have only the PDF download version because of the convenience of getting your purchased products immediately after your transaction. Wouldn't you rather have them all on your computer within a few minutes rather than waiting on shipment for up to a week or longer?

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