15. How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy


Lung Health eCourse - Lesson 15

Lesson 15: How To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

An action plan to keep your lungs healthy is a mixture of things to avoid and things to do.

Don't smoke. It can be tough to resist and even tougher to quit. But smoking is one of the major risk factors for COPD, asthma, lung cancer, and a host of other lung problems. It's even more harmful because some of its effects are immediately pleasant and the health-injuring effects can take a long time to become evident. That lulls a smoker into a false sense of security. Still, a long-term commitment to respiratory health will put this advice at the top of the list.

Other lifestyle choices have an influence on lung health, too.

A healthy diet isn't directly correlated with lung health. But optimizing your nutrition is a major factor in overall health and the odds of disease are much lower when you eat right. Also, if you do contract a lung disease, it's much easier to combat when you are otherwise healthy.

Moderate, regular exercise is another component of that plan. It keeps the cardiovascular system in top shape, which promotes several aspects of health. Heart, lungs, and muscles all function better when they are regularly made to work a little harder than they do at rest. Even those who, for example, already are afflicted with asthma can benefit from mild exercise, tailored by a physician.

Both those contribute to maintaining a healthy weight. Several studies recently point to obesity as a factor not only in health problems in general, but lung disease in particular.

Getting immunized can lower your risk of contracting a lung condition. COPD and other lung diseases are more likely in those people subject to frequent lung infections. Among other things, the excess mucus produced makes it harder for the body to dispose of infectious organisms.

Influenza, while once a mass killer, is now only a sometimes-serious health problem. But, flu is far from uncommon, especially in winter. Cold temperatures and dry air tend to stress the airways. Getting a shot to help you ward off the virus that causes flu is a good way to keep your lungs healthy all year 'round.

Similarly, pneumonia – which once devastated entire countries – is still a health problem. The elderly and those who have recently undergone certain types of surgery are most at risk. It is less well advertised, but a vaccine for pneumonia does exist. Those in high risk groups, like persons over 65 and diabetics in particular, should seek it out.

You can't control smog and other large-scale environmental risk factors. But, there are several ways to keep your immediate environment healthier for your lungs.

As we breathe, we expel moisture needed to keep our lungs working properly. Using a humidifier, for example, helps keep dry, winter indoor air healthier. But, it's possible to unintentionally make that air more harmful by failing to clean the humidifier properly. Fungi and other airborne organisms can encourage asthma attacks and cause lung infections. Keep the air free of them by good maintenance.


Avoid smoke, eat right, exercise, and keep your home as free of irritants and germs as possible and you can enjoy lung health all your life.

End of Lesson 15. End of free eCourse.

We hope you have benefited from this Lung Health eCourse!

As stated in the introduction at the top of Lesson 1, the e-course content is from more of a mainstream medical perspective. It is wise to understand the mainstream perspectives. Mainstream medicine has advanced humanity in many ways, i.e., knowledge, technology. For most trauma, injury or acute care situations—there's no better place to be than in a mainstream medical hospital! These types of care are mainstream medicine's strengths, according to many doctors (MDs) and other healthcare professionals who now support and utilize alternative medicine & natural healing.

However, also according to such doctors and healthcare professionals, mainstream medicine has some profound limitations and dangers when it comes to chronic conditions and degenerative diseases (of which are most lung conditions).

Regarding the term "Cure": Mainstream medicine is accurate when it says there are no 'cures' for these lung conditions and most diseases. But the key here is—this is by mainstream medicine's definition of 'cure', and by their paradigm, principles and practices—which are fundamentally and generally only of symptom treating. As you likely know, nothing in life is solved or 'cured' by treating or managing only the symptoms of problems. Whether the issue or problem is alcoholism, automotive, financial, economics, politics, or whatever—the symptoms can only be reduced or eliminated when the causes are effectively dealt with! So, too, it is with chronic conditions and degenerative diseases!

We must shift and expand our definition of 'cure'. When we align with Nature and the innate healing power and processes of our bodies, and do and give our bodies what they need—they innately tend to cleanse, balance, strengthen, heal, rejuvenate and regenerate themselves! This has been demonstrated and proven by the Chinese, Ayurveda (of India) for centuries, and going back to ancient Greece with Hippocrates (The Father of modern medicine). You can learn many such methods and treatments in our main e-book and the other e-books of the e-book bundles (see "Purchase eBook" page).

Jim, Anne and countless others who have conquered their conditions could care less what you call it. The bottom line for them is that they BEAT their conditions! They addressed the causes and their symptoms disappeared! The mainstream medical term 'cure' doesn't apply because the treatments they did were not symptom management methods; they were treatments that affected CAUSES. (You can read 11 of Anne's e-mails to us on our "Testimonials" page.)

Many in the know about alternative medicine & natural healing, including many MD's, believe that the real wisdom when it comes to health & healing is to know when to use mainstream or alternative medicine, or some combination of both. Many people are familiar with mainstream methods, but know relatively little of alternative medicine & natural healing philosophies & practices.

Further, one of the many great advantages of alternative medicine & natural healing is that you can learn and do many of the methods yourself at home, with little to no help from doctors. Jim, Anne and countless people have done such treatments themselves and safely achieved healing.

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