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Our "main" e-book, How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks!, is in Bundle 1 …

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1. How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Sixs Weeks! (Includes some excellent FREE bonuses not shown in bundle)
2. The Truth (This e-book is all about the substance/treatment Jim did, with pages of healing testimonials.)
3. Take Control of Your Health (Various natural treatment information, including the treatment Jim did.)
4. Natural Herbal Cures & Remedies – Natural Cures Your Doctor Never Told You About (for many conditions)
5. The Complete Handbook of Nature's Cures – Naturopathic Treatments for Many Ailments, Illnesses & Conditions
Retail value of e-books, 1 – 5, respectively: $19.95 + $17.00 + $14.95 + $14.95 + $17.95 = $84.80

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Our "main" e-book (#1) shares Jim's whole story, the details of the treatment he did, and gets into other related subjects and natural healing treatments. However, e-book #2, The Truth, is a Special FREE bonus as it is 100% about the natural substance & treatment Jim did. This e-book is an excellent resource. If you want to give something to your doctor about this treatment, we recommend that you don't give him/her a copy of our main e-book, but a copy of #2, The Truth.


All the e-books offered on this page except our main e-book in Bundle 1 are by different authors/sources. The individual retail value of these valuable e-books ranges from $7.95 – $17.95 each. But thanks to our bundle offers, you can get them for a mere fraction of their individual values! We’ve made special arrangements so you can get far more natural health & healing value than you invest.

For ONLY $5.00 more than Bundle 1,
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1. Alternative Medicine – The Ins & Outs of Non-Traditional Healing
2. Be Your Own Doctor – How and When to Be Your Own Doctor
3. Discover The Healthy World of Fruits and Green Vegetables with GREEN SMOOTHIES
4. Bronchitis: How To Heal, Recover and Beat Bronchitis
5. Cheerfulness as a Life PowerYour State of Mind & Emotions Do Affect Health & Healing
Retail value of e-books, 1 – 5, respectively: $12.95 + $19.95 + $7.95 + $12.95 + $7.95 = $61.75
Individual Retail Value of Bundle 1 e-books > $84.80
Individual Retail Value of Bundle 2 e-books > $61.75
Individual Retail Value of the "Bundle of Energy" e-books (see below) > $64.85
Total Value of all three bundles > $211.40

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The total value of all three bundles is $211.40.

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1. Energy Extravanganza – Increase Mental Clarity and Feel The Power of Unlimited Energy
2. Unlimited Energy – Energy Hacks for Exploding Your Energy Reserves
3. How To Eat Right and Manage Your Life – How to Control Your Appetite and Live An Abundant Life
4. Revitalizing Recipes – Food That Will Charge Up Your Energies
5. Vastly Increase Your Energy Levels in 7 Days
The "Bundle of Energy" e-books is FREE with Bundle 2 – Each of these e-books is valued at $12.97 (x 5) > $64.85
This 'Bundle of Energy' is Yours FREE with purchase of Bundle 2.

Do you ever wish you had a 'bundle of energy'
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Well, here it is … a 'Bundle of Energy' information, that is.

This information can begin to yield you a real bundle of energy within a few days. Our website is about more than treating emphysema/COPD; it's about real healing & health beyond mere symptom treating. And energy flows from and is a result of health! We want everyone to enjoy healing, health and energy! That's why we're offering you this 'Bundle of Energy' as a gift with the Bundle 2.

The "Bundle of Energy" e-books will show you how to
Sky-rocket Your Mental & Physical Energy Within Days!

Emphysema/COPD sufferers may not be able to use some of this information,
but their family members, friends and care-givers may greatly benefit from it!

As you may know, energy 'fixes' like coffee, soda, energy drinks and snack bars
are at best short term; many are actually unhealthy. It may be okay to have
these occasionally, but if you're often dependent upon them just to get through your day—
something's wrong! You're not as healthy as you should & could be!

Energy in alignment with Nature is the best energy!
Natural energy tends to last all day long; and, at the end of your day,
it can support better & more restful sleep—rejuvenating you for more energy for the next day!

Isn't this the kind of 'charge & recharge cycle' you need & want?
Energy by Nature is healthy & regenerating—and can help you age slower!

Millions of people are energy depleted today,
and know little about what to do about to reverse their condition.

But with this 'Bundle of Energy' information—YOU can soon know!
You and your loved ones can soon turn degeneration into regeneration!

Again, real & natural energy flows from and is a result of health!
Natural energy can empower you to be more, do more, enjoy life more!

So get this "Bundle of Energy" today, and start gaining a real "bundle of energy" soon!


Our website is not just for emphysema/COPD & arthritis sufferers.
That's why we're offering so much health & healing information that can benefit virtually anyone!

These additional free bonuses and e-books are of different alternative options & natural healing methods
and treatments. They have brought real healing & health to many people for many types of
chronic conditions & degenerative diseases. Much of this information is also for people who are not sick,
but who want prevention, and to maximize their health.


Again, these are NOT hard-copy books to be mailed or shipped to you; they are e-books (electronic/digital books)
that you can download directly to your computer within minutes from now (after PayPal transaction).

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Having a basic understanding of and confidence in alternative & natural healing are important, deeper than just knowing about a treatment. Oftentimes, family & friends who tend to trust solely in mainstream medicine can get upset when someone they care about begins to take the path of "quackery" (they wrongfully believe it is). Many a family feud has started from one person starting to consider or take the alternative & natural path, especially when the ill family member is advancing in the condition or disease, and time is running out.

Having a foundational understanding of alternative medicine & natural healing can help you stand your ground with family & friends. Having such knowledge can also equip you for shopping for a better doctor, if needed.

Just to know that there are many health & healing options for chronic conditions, degenerative diseases and ailments beyond those of the symptom treating, dependency, limitations and frequent harm of mainstream medicine yields an inner peace and empowerment beyond measure!

Mainstream medicine tends to play upon peoples' fears. They often diagnose a person, and then urge them to start treatment or get surgery right away. Of course, there are situations in which time is of the essence. However, with many cases there is time to research alternative options. But, as mainstream medicine doesn't appreciate alternative options, they don't want people investigating them.

There have been many situations like this, but here is one example …

One woman, a mainstream doctor, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She didn't want any of the mainstream cancer treatments of chemo, radiation or surgery. She then took some time to investigate alternative options. She then discovered some natural healing methods and used them to fully beat her breast cancer, for years now. Since then she has said cancer doesn't scare her anymore!

One more example …

Another woman had a blood test done that showed cancerous cells developing. Mainstream medicine likely would have quickly started her on drugs (based on fear). However, this woman's natural doctor put her on a natural treatment. Within a few weeks, the same blood test re-done revealed there was no sign of cancer cells! The natural treatment supported her body to rid itself of the cancerous cells (as it naturally tends to do). This was all done safely and with inner peace.

This is the peace that many people gain and enjoy once they begin to understand how safe & effective alternative medicine & natural healing really are! (This is not just with cancer, but with many types of conditions and diseases. We illustrate some points about alternative options with cancer because there are so many cases, and because it is one of the most fear-producing conditions.)

Our e-books can help you gain this inner peace and empowerment, beginning with our main e-book, How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks!

Get your e-books and begin today!

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