Quit Smoking – Proven, Faster & Easier Ways . . .

Do You Want To Quit Smoking? If So, . . .

  • Do you want quitting to be as fast and easy as possible?
  • Are you afraid of failing (possibly for the 2nd, 3rd or 12th time)?
  • Do you want your desire for smoking to vanish quickly so you won't have to struggle with cravings for days, weeks, months or years?

If you answered "Yes" to the above questions
then you're at the right place . . .

Choose (below) one of these
7 Effective Methods to Quit Smoking
(even for heavily addicted smokers).

See below for the reasons why these seven methods were selected.
Many smokers have used these methods to quickly & easily become NON-SMOKERS,
even after multiple times of failing! If they can do it — so can YOU!

You owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to live
as long and be as healthy as you can! Quitting smoking now can add years
back onto your life, and, of course
improved health & breathing!

So, review all 7 different methods below to see which one you
would like to use to quit smoking.

See the Free Gift below that you'll receive for choosing to become a Quitter.

As you know from our Home page, Jim used one of the most effective & scientifically documented natural treatments to beat his emphysema/COPD and lungsclear his lungs by 70% in just six weeks. Thousands of people have used this little-known treatment to beat emphyema/COPD, arthritis, diabetes, bronchitis, and other conditions. And, from the other pages (Quotes, Medicine), it becomes clear that this natural treatment and other ones are threats to the mainstream medical establishment. That's why you haven't heard of them from mainstream medical sources.

Yes, there are natural & effective ways to detoxify your lungs (see #7 below) as well as ways to bring real healing for most all chronic conditions & degenerative diseases. (There are countless real healing successes, but most people aren't aware of them because they haven't investigated the facts, evidence and qualified sources as our "main" e-book, How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks, reveals.)

However, a critical & obvious step to re-gaining healthy lungs and improved health—is to quit smoking.

And that's why we've brought together here a selection of proven methods to quit smoking. We recommend seven methods so you can choose which method is right for you. (Each method is very effective in itself, but several could be combined to eliminate your addiction from two or three "angles".)

Why were these seven quit smoking methods selected? Because these methods  . . .

  • Are fast, easy & guaranteed to bring you success or your money back
  • Have been used by many smokers to quickly become EX-smokers
  • Have worked even for heavy smokers
  • Have worked for smokers who have tried to quit but have failed multiple times
  • Address root causes of the smoking addiction
  • Don't rely on willpower—but core internal changes that soon eliminate your desire to smoke

Major benefits of quitting smoking you can expect . . .

  • You'll soon begin to feel better, stronger, healthier & have more energy.
  • You can soon breathe better, and won't get winded so easily.
  • Your lungs will soon begin to cleanse & heal themselves.
  • Significantly increase your chances of avoiding premature death, which typically includes final months, weeks and days filled with pain, suffering, difficulty breathing and regret for ever smoking!
  • Significantly reduce your chances of having severe health problems, including, emphysema/COPD, throat & lung cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and more!
  • Add years back onto your life—for yourself, your family & your friends!

If these reasons don't motivate you to quit smoking right away—what will?!

If you don't start quitting today—when will you?

Each pack you smoke is likely subtracting precious time off your life!

Yes, the thought of trying to quit smoking can instantly bring on thoughts & feelings of fear & panic, of doubt, of depression … of a giant you don't want to face, a mountain you don't want to climb … a comforting "friend" you don't want to leave! (Smoking is not your "friend". It is an enemy that is silently & slowly stealing your health & life!)

But don't let these negative thoughts & feelings stop you! With the methods below, quitting smoking can be much faster and easier than you may now believe!

The GOOD NEWS is that YOU CAN STOP and REVERSE a downward spiral to
serious health problems and a possible premature death for yourself — beginning TODAY!

You've heard it said, "Don't be a quitter!" However, when it comes to smoking — the best advice IS to BE A QUITTER! So, take this wise advice while you still have the opportunity to restore your lungs, health & life! Choose one of these methods below to begin quitting today. Virtually everyone who succeeds in quitting is soon very glad they did! For your sake, and for your family & friends — Will you be a quitter? …

Here are 7 Effective Ways to QUIT SMOKING, Fast & Easy . . .
Again, these Quit Smoking methods have worked for heavily addicted smokers! …

Description of Quit Smoking Methods Go there …
1. Smoke Free in One Hour – Effortlessly
2. EasyQuit System. Tired of Failing Trying to Quit Smoking?
3. Quit Smoking Magic – Your Desire to Smoke Can Soon Magically Disappear
4. The Painless Stop Smoking Cure
5. Stop Smoking with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
6. Smoke Free Power
7. * Quit Smoking AND Detoxify Your Lungs


*If you get any of the methods, 1 – 6, #7 is also recommended to help detoxify your lungs from the years of smoking. After you quit smoking, your lungs will naturally tend to try to cleanse and heal themselves; when you move toward a healthier lifestyle, your body tends to cleanse, balance, repair and regenerate itself. And this is why quitting smoking can add years back onto your life. The Complete Lung Detoxification program can significantly speed lung cleansing of accumulated toxins, tar, etc.

Moving on to your FREE Gift . . .

One of the major immediate goals with quitting smoking is to stop dwelling on the potential difficulty of quitting—but to shift your mental focus and imagery to the benefits you'll soon gain from being a NON-smoker, like having improved health and more physical & mental energy!

What would you do if you felt better, stronger, and had more energy? Imagine/visualize yourself doing the things you want to do! It's a long demonstrated reality that visualization affects health, healing, sports performance, and more! That's why many athletes use visualization. And visualization has been scientifically demonstrated to increase or decrease white blood cell counts. It's a fact that both medicine and science have proven: Our minds/bodies, our subjective/objective selves are intimately and dynamically related; they affect one another in positive or negative ways/realities. If you don't believe this you haven't kept up the latest research in the last several decades (in business, sports, healing, personal growth, etc.).

So again, visualize the things you would like to do if you had more energy. For energy is generally a result of one's degree of health. And the more mental & physical energy you have the more you can be, do and enjoy life!

Which brings us now to the FREE Gift you can receive …

Among the many benefits of becoming a non-smoker, you likely want
not only improved health—but an increase in physical/mental energy, don't you?

Well, here's a FREE Gift that can help you gain it . . .

FREE GIFT for You for Choosing to Become a Quitter! . . .

If you choose to become a quitter and get one of the above methods to quit smoking, you will receive a FREE Gift to jumpstart your general health improvement and energy levels (physical & mental energy). To add an incentive for you to quit smoking by one of the above methods — we're offering you this "Bundle of Energy" as a gift

The "Bundle of Energy" e-books FREE (valued at $64.85)
(Each ebook is valued at
$12.97 (x 5) = $64.85)

You can get a quit smoking program elsewhere. But you won't get this FREE Gift anywhere else!

bundle of energy graphics
1. Energy Extravanganza – Increase Mental Clarity and Feel The Power of Unlimited Energy
2. Unlimited Energy – Energy Hacks for Exploding Your Energy Reserves
3. How To Eat Right and Manage Your Life – How to Control Your Appetite and Live An Abundant Life
4. Revitalizing Recipes – Food That Will Charge Up Your Energies
5. Vastly Increase Your Energy Levels in 7 Days

About Energy and the "Bundle of Energy" . . .

Do you ever wish you had a 'bundle of energy'
like you did when you were much younger? …

Well, here it is … a 'Bundle of Energy' information, that is.

This information can begin to yield you a real bundle of energy within a few days. Our website is about more than treating emphysema/COPD; it's about real healing & health beyond mere symptom treating. And energy flows from and is a result of health, as it flows naturally! Everyone should enjoy healing, health and energy!

The "Bundle of Energy" e-books will show you how to
Sky-rocket Your Mental & Physical Energy Within Days!

Emphysema/COPD sufferers may not be able to use some of this information;
they may need to take it slow or omit some of strategies until their health improves.
However, their family members, friends and care-givers may greatly benefit from it!

(We recommend that you seek advice from a qualified healthcare provider—
not just a mainstream doctor, but a doctor or healing practitioner who
understands & appreciates alternative medicine & natural healing;
one who is open to real healing beyond just managing symptoms.)

As you may know, energy 'fixes' like coffee, soda, energy drinks and snack bars
are at best short term; many are actually unhealthy. It may be okay to have
these occasionally, but if you're often dependent upon them just to get through your day—
something's wrong! You're not as healthy as you should & could be!

Energy in alignment with Nature is the best energy!
Natural energy tends to last all day long; and, at the end of your day,
it can support better & more restful sleep—rejuvenating you for more energy for the next day!

Isn't this the kind of 'charge & recharge cycle' you need & want?
Energy by Nature is healthy & regenerating—and can help you age slower!

Millions of people are energy depleted today,
and know little about what to do about to reverse their condition.

But with this 'Bundle of Energy' information—YOU can soon know!
You and your loved ones can soon turn degeneration into regeneration!

Again, real & natural energy flows from and is a result of health!
Natural energy can empower you to be more, do more, enjoy life more!

So get this "Bundle of Energy" today, and start gaining a real "bundle of energy" soon!

These are NOT hard-copy books to be mailed or shipped to you; they are e-books (electronic/digital books)
that you can download directly to your computer within minutes from now (after PayPal transaction).

If you want hard-copies of these e-books (or only selected pages), you can print them with your printer;
then you can place them in a binder(s) for convenient reference, highlighting and writing notes, if you choose.

NOTE: You will need a PDF Reader program to read your e-books on your computer. Your computer likely has one. If you don't have a PDF Reader, you can get one of the best readers for FREE by clicking here: Adobe. After you download the Adobe Reader, you'll need to double-click on the file to actually install it to operate on your computer.


How to get your "Bundle of Energy" ebooks within minutes from now …

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2. e-Mail us your purchase receipt number, at:

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  • In the Subject line of your email, type: "Free Bundle of Energy"
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3. We will then email you the link to download your "Bundle of Energy".


If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact us through the Contact page above. (Your email address is completely safe with us. We will not share, sell or rent it to anyone,)

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