Note: Health & healing benefits by this natural substance/treatment have been documented thousands of times in mainstream medical & scientific journals (going back over 100 years), including JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association). However, we make no claims as to what it may do for you as individual results may vary.*

Testimonials of our eBook:
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Testimonials used by permission. (emphases/highlights added) . . .

" … Hey! I BEAT COPD IN 87 DAYS for less than $40!!! … "
~Anne W., Australia*
(*Individual results may vary.) You can read below 11 of Anne's emails to me (Al) of her progress from her desperate beginning with our original e-book to her victory 87 days later. Her e-mails cover her progress from her struggle for life when she first got our e-book to her conquering her severe COPD 87 days later. She even tells of her doctor's reactions when he announced her symptom free. (Her doctor wasn't happy when she told him that she had thrown his mainstream prescriptions in the trash because they hadn't been helping her.) Anne is still alive and doing well, 2 years later. Through her e-mails, it's exciting to witness Anne's progress and eventual triumph!    

"I read your book and loved it. I'd like to start this therapy…."
~Sadie M., NM (*Individual results may vary.)

"I read your report on emphysema and copd; it gives a very good account of how to successfully treat these conditions."
~Alan M., Scotland (*Individual results may vary.)

"I have found your book very interesting & very helpful. The treatment is so simple & I feel it is helping me already. Thank you for … your book. Please just use my initials."
~A.P.D., New Zealand (*Individual results may vary.)

"Hi Al, I am now on my 8th day of the program, and I already sense cleaner lungs."Ab N., B.C., Canada

(*Individual results may vary.)

"Uplifting and insightful I was pleased to find someone who has gone through a difficult time and came out with helpful advice that others can follow too. After a year off work I was desperate to find further information that I could research. As I'm in UK I searched for a relevant UK link and was delighted to find details so I too can rush off and order and enjoy the benefits. Not just an inspiring read but hope for us all too. Thank you Jim and Al for bringing it to our attention."
~Philip R, UK (*Individual results may vary.)

"I read the PDF e-book. Well written. Very impressed with the stories and sources to go to back it all up."
~M. Owen, Australia (*Individual results may vary.)

"I have received the book [for my pops] and my pops loves it ….."
~Bobbie (*Individual results may vary.)

"Hi Al,
I was amazed when you sent [the additional] info. There are a lot of good people in the world and you are one. Thank you so much!  … Thanks again, for the gift that you gave me. I wish you and your family good health."

~Linda D., MO (*Individual results may vary.)

"Dear Al,
I was so glad to get your E-book info.  As I started to read it, I couldn't stop. Every sentence had me on the edge of my seat.  The book was so professional but down home friendly and was of very high quality. I want your future customers to know how this E-book left me to appreciate all the months and years it took you to collect all these very solid and amazing sources … I have been telling a lot of people about your website. Keep in Touch. Thanks,"

~Linda D., MO (*Individual results may vary.)

"I was impressed with the stories and explanations, and especially with the documentation and references of how credible this treatment is. I've already told two people who have emphysema about your site. I'm planning on doing the treatment myself just for health and prevention of emphysema. Both older and younger smokers need to have this e-book."
~Sean L., ID (*Individual results may vary.)

"Hello Al,
[Your] e-book is extremely good, well researched, documented and a mine of useful information…. [T]hank the Lord I am already on the 3rd day [of treatment] and finding some benefit in the form of increased energy level."

~Dave H., South Africa (*Individual results may vary.)

"I've done a lot of research in unrelated subjects and am impressed with your e-book; it is well documented and credible. Emphysema and copd sufferers need this information."
~Matt F., CA (*Individual results may vary.)

Anne's e-mails, from her early desperation to healing success in 87 days

What follows are some excerpts from e-mails to me (Al) from one of our readers, Anne W., from Australia. Anne is a wonderful, spunky and persistent lady who was going through hell with her COPD—but after persisting with Methods 1 and 2 (of 5 methods using this natural substance) 87 days later—her Doctor pronounced her COPD symptom free! (Anne used our original e-book that was 41 pages; our new revised e-book is over 125 pages and has much more health & healing information.)

Though she had a couple setbacks, Anne resolutely stuck to the simple treatment until she conquered her severe COPD. Anne once told me that her deceased father was a mainstream pharmacist by profession, and that he would turn over in his grave to know the alternative treatment she did. Anne is educated, and by her father's profession—she knew well mainstream methods. She also knew that the mainstream methods her doctor had prescribed her were not giving her the help with healing that she needed and wanted, so she threw them in the trash; she did not just want to manage her symptoms—she was desperate, degenerating fast—and wanted real healing.

At the beginning of her doing the treatment Anne was also in crisis of trying to quit smoking; she desperately wanted to quit her daily fifty-plus cigarette addiction. At one point she was rushed to the hospital due to, as they said, from her so abruptly cutting down from almost three packs a day to about eight cigarettes within just a few days.

Since Anne conquered her COPD, and is doing very well now almost three years later. Having conquered her COPD with our e-book, she has a heart to share her story to help and encourage others who are in a similar situation. She has agreed to allow us to post some of her e-mails; so here are some excerpts from them with insertions and emphases added by me …

Anne's first email in early June 2010:

Dear Al and Jim,
Hi guys. I apologize in advance for the length of this email. I got back from the doctors today, and I've been diagnosed with COPD. I cried for a couple of hours, kicked a few hard objects, cursed, then read your article [website] over again, for the fourth time.

I'm 64 next week. I lost my husband from a heart attack just two years ago on Friday, and my son (39) has just been diagnosed with cancer of the bowel, so I can't think that my day can get any worse. I've been on a semi-disabled pension for years, and am struggling to hold on to our family home which is still mortgaged.

Before I lost my husband, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, and I invested a large amount of money for an 'alternative' medicine for him. It didn't work. Turned out I was fleeced, so you can perhaps understand my hesitation to invest money … in the alternative treatment you say turned your condition around.

There being so many people on the net today praying on the infirm with no intentions of helping, but happy to take their money with no regard for the heartache they've caused, it is very hard for me to absorb that despite all medical reports that copd cannot be cured, here you are insisting that [Jim’s] copd was in fact cured by this alternative treatment. … I’ve tried and tried to give up this terrible habit [of smoking], but couldn't, and I don't know what's worse—trying to give up again to add a few years onto my life, or keep on smoking, and die what I can only imagine to be an horrific, slow and painful death.

I'm in a dilemma. I truly want to believe that your alternative treatment can bring about the change you describe. Are all the answers I seek in your book, and by that I mean are you able to tell me exactly what to do, or take which will give me the cure to my copd, and for such a small amount of money?

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Anne W., Australia (*Individual results may vary.)


Note: We do not claim a 'cure' as Anne termed it; we don't make claims that this or any treatment will work for anyone as individual results will vary due to many factors. We just share natural healing methods that have helped others, and what others have experienced. Such methods are based on the paradigm of returning to the ultimate source of health: the body and its innate healing power, processes, provision and precision. Approaches based on this paradigm have been demonstrated effective across many cultures, including the Chinese for thousands of years and back to the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates. Based on both historical sources and modern applications, the truth and reality is that when we give the cells & systems of our bodies what they need to fully do their jobs—the body can cleanse, balance, strengthen and heal itself; thus, most all chronic conditions and degenerative diseases can be reversed!


G'Day Al,
I was having a 'bad' night last night, so I got up and fired up my computer, which is what I often do when I'm lonely, hurting, or afraid, because I have no-one I can talk to. There were tears in my eyes when I read your email, because I think I had convinced myself that ….

Your kindness in … serves to prove that there still are some genuine people around, and I'm deeply touched by your thoughtfulness. I haven't read any of the book yet, but did go to the links you supplied, and again, I thank you, sincerely.

I've never prayed so hard in all my life. I'm terrified of dying in the way copd takes its victims, and the more I worry, the more I smoke, which is why I had such a bad night last night. Every fibre of my body tells me that I must give up smoking, and despite the fact that I've been to hell and back several times in my life, I've never found anything so hard to do, which is why I've failed miserably every time.

I don't know how advanced I am in copd, I have to go for breathing tests next week, … phlegm, which is the main cause of my frightening and threatening discomfort.

As I mentioned, I haven't recovered sufficiently from last night to sit down and read your book, but I'm hoping somewhere in those magic pages, is the information I desperately seek, and I pray that I'm lucky enough to enjoy some sort of relief from this hell I'm facing.

I will keep in touch Al, if you don't mind. It's nice to know that there is someone out there who understands, and is caring enough to want to help….
Sincere thanks again, God Bless
(*Individual results may vary.)


G'Day, Al,
I hope you're well. With a bit of luck, I'll be able to start my treatment tomorrow or Tuesday, when the [natural substance for the treatment] is delivered.

Al, I'm having hell's own job trying to cut down on the smokes. When I lost my husband, my intake soared to 55 a day (4mg), and over the past four days have got it down to 8 a day, but I'm climbing the walls and I have absolutely no-one here to help me with support, understanding and comfort.

… There are a few folk here who are more than interested in this treatment, and I've given them your website address. (and no, I have not, and will not, hand out any information which is included in your book, I promise.) I look forward to hearing from you Al, and Thank you for your kindness and patience.
Best Regards,
(*Individual results may vary.)


Hello again, Dear Al,
Thank you so very much for replying so quickly, and so fully. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your email with so much knowledge. I sincerely appreciate your invitation to continue contact. Between you and the lovely gentleman at … who is supplying the [natural substance for the treatment], it seems I've made two friends who genuinely care, and I can't stress how very much it means to me to have someone I can confide in, who actually understands what I'm going through ….

… When I get the urge to have a smoke (usually a few minutes after the last one) I say "NO!" loudly in my head, down a drink of cold water, and straight away head outside with the secateurs to see what needs cutting, or just walk as best I can around the pool, or to another room, breathing in deeply, and repeating "NO!" to myself.

… It's worked so far, but it's only a temporary 'patch'. For the past four days, I've managed to get through on just 8 cigarettes a day, (down from 55) so I'm not doing too bad….

… I'm located in …, Australia. All my friends are in …. (5,000 km away)…. I talk to my Mum (85) who's in [UK], twice a week, and we talk for over an hour every time. We laugh together, cry together and remember times gone by. We share our deepest hopes, fears, dreams, but I think I already mentioned that she’s had four strokes, the latest just last week, and I can’t bring myself to upset her with my news [of having copd] for fear of bringing on another stroke….

… but got through it with the help, care and understanding of two lovely people I've never even met [in person] ….

Al, thank you again for caring, and for all the links you kindly supplied [in the e-book]. I won't forget your kindness, and look forward to hopefully sharing better news in future communications.
With kindest regards,
(*Individual results may vary.)


G'Day Al,
I hope you are all well.
I'm into day 8 of [Method 1] and unfortunately am still smoking 8 cigarettes a day. Any less, then my nerves are shot, so I feel I'm better off erring on the side of sanity.

Jim was very lucky to have had such a rapid improvement (from his death bed to work in just 3 days). I've not noticed much improvement at all.

I did want to ask you if you could tell me, or ask Jim, having had COPD (like me) he must have suffered from phlegm blocking his wind pipes, and making it hard to breathe, especially in the mornings. Did he take any mainstream medications, or 'alternative medicines' or treatments to help shift the phlegm?
I had a terrible night last night because of phlegm which would not move, and I was virtually gasping to get air into me. I used to take medication to shift it, but I don't like to take stuff which might result in a negative reaction to [the natural substance] ….  I'm flying blind here, and can't seem to find any information that can help, other than Jim's experience.
I hope you can help.
Very best regards, and sincere thanks for everything.
(*Individual results may vary.)


G'Day Al,
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I was rushed to hospital yesterday afternoon under severe stress and gasping for air. I'd had three terrible days and nights of gasping, wheezing and coughing, and to be honest, I didn't think I was going to get through. A Lady Doctor on-line at … working with [the natural substance] told me (on Friday morning), that I was going through a "healing crisis" probably because I had cut out so many cigarettes in such a short time. I actually had my last smoke on Friday afternoon.

I [did the treatment] as per schedule on Sunday morning, … as I was feeling terrible. By 4.00 I rang my Son, and managed to get out just 5 words. "It's Mum. I need hospital."

They treated me for 4 hours with oxygen and steroids, did tests and took X-Rays. The drastic withdrawal had caused the problem, which I was told, almost killed me. Two nurses told me that I should actually consider reverting back to the smokes (in strict moderation) to give my body a chance to recover and then gradually decrease, over weeks, not days…. I really need just to rest and catch up on the 30 hours sleep I've missed, and give my body a chance to recover from the shock, but I fully intend to continue this treatment. I will … until I feel fully recovered.

I had a smoke a couple of hours after I got back home, but no obvious effects.

I thought I should share my experience with you, …, and perhaps my experience … may be of benefit to someone in a similar situation.
I wish you well,
Kindest regards,
(*Individual results may vary.)


Thanks for getting back to me Al.  I'll … with my grateful thanks.
In the past two days alone, I've given out your website to one person who is going to give it to two other people, a second person who is also giving it to two others, and the lovely guy who does my lawns, who ran off several copies of the information I gave him, to four others who he knows needs the help that you have made available to me. No information from your book was given out, only your website and a couple of other links which I found for myself on the web…. Either way, I'm just grateful that the information you gave me which could now save my life, has been able to be passed on to others, some in much worse condition than mine.

I think I should mention that I started back on [Method 2] … yesterday, because it is much more effective in my case, than anything those in mainstream medicine have been able to offer.

I'm going back on the [Method 1] again tomorrow ….
I'm determined to beat this thing which threatens not only my quality of life, but life itself, and I hope that my story has as good an ending as Jim enjoyed.

I'll keep you advised, and again, many, many thanks. Take care.
(*Individual results may vary.)


Hello Al!
How nice to hear from you!
I'm chuffed that you thought enough of my predicament to find out how I was fairing, and I'm happy to say that I think I'm finally getting the edge on this COPD. I must admit, I'm breathing so much easier since starting on the program, and I'm sleeping much better. Doctor gave me tablets and two inhalers, which I threw in the bin. I took the [the treatment] days before that terrible healing crisis which had me rushed to hospital, but I went back on [Methods 1 and 2] three days later, and am now into … day of the second attempt. I'm only doing … a day, and using the … times a day. Unfortunately I'm still smoking (10 a day) and just can't seem to stop, but despite this (and Jim is proof) I think the [treatment] is working.

I really don't know how long it will take to get a clear report from the doctor, because I know I've got a lot of other toxins in my system from all the medications I've taken over the years because my injuries, so perhaps I won't be quite so lucky as Jim as to be healed in six weeks. Nevertheless I'm not giving up, I haven't felt this good in years!

Because of me finding your web site and buying your book, I have helped 11 others in similar circumstances, and look forward to reporting their progress if and when I hear back.

I'll always be grateful to you and Jim for posting your experiences and findings on the net, without which I would not be looking forward to a better life, I'd perhaps be planning my funeral.

Thanks again, both of you.
I'll keep in touch and let you know as soon as there is something to report.
Stay safe.
Very best regards,

(*Individual results may vary.)


07/15/2010 (same day as above)
Hello Al,
… I stopped coughing about two weeks ago, I have no phlegm and that horrible wheeze has gone too … so something's working!
… I hope that there's something in my words that can be of help or encouragement to someone out there, who is suffering as I was ….
Lovely talking with you Al!
Stay safe,

(*Individual results may vary.)


I didn't hear from Anne for some time after her last email. The following is the next email I received from her several weeks later. (Linda is a mutual friend of ours who was also struggling with COPD and other conditions):

Hi to both of you [Al and Linda], and I hope you're both well.
I just had to share my news with you. Went to my Doctor this morning, and we talked briefly about my COPD. He asked how I was feeling, and I told him that I was doing well. He said he was glad the inhalers were working, but I told him that I'd never used them, and had thrown them in the bin. He was quite annoyed, and when I told him that I'd thrown the steroids in the bin too, the redness started coming up his neck and into his face, and he clenched his teeth, so I quit while I was ahead!!

So, he wanted to know what it was that I was doing to have brought on such an  improvement, and when I answered 'alternative medicine' he really got annoyed and said he didn't want to know what it was I was using. I said "I wasn't going to tell you anyway!!"

Despite his obvious annoyance, he agreed finally to sound my chest. I told him, that all I wanted was for him to have a listen and tell me how bad the COPD was, or if there was some improvement. He sounded, very thoroughly, stopped, straightened up, sounded again, and announced that he couldn't hear a thing, that my lungs and tubes were clear, but was quick to burst my bubble by reminding me that "there is no cure for COPD!! Once you've got it, nothing on the face of the earth can repair the damage done, so don't think this stuff, whatever it is, is going to cure you, because it's not."

Mmmm, I wonder??  

Hey! I BEAT COPD IN 87 DAYS for less than $40!!!
Al, thanks for all your help. Please feel free to use my experience in your new e-book if you wish.

Linda – there is always hope, I've just proved it! [Use Method #2] because [for me] it work[ed] better on COPD …, but take both [methods] for faster healing. Hang in there girl. I did it, you can do it too!
Love to you both.

(*Individual results may vary.)


How exciting for Anne! She persisted and conquered! Anne's COPD was not 'cured' by her doctor's mainstream definition–but her COPD did reverse and disappear … whatever you call it! No, we may not be able to isolate and explain the exact cause of the change as mainstream medicine requires. But this treatment is the only thing that Anne and Jim did prior to their 'spontaneous remissions' as mainstream medicine tends to call such things it can't explain. Anne doesn't really care about what her doctor thinks. She's just happy her symptoms are gone and that she's now alive and well, almost three years later! I'm sure Anne would agree: Results, not definitions, are what matter!

It truly is amazing how the body can cleanse, heal, strengthen and even regenerate itself—when given what it needs to fully do this as Nature intends!


Hello, Al,

I've just received and read your reply to my news, and I confess to a tear creeping into my eye, at your response. You have a good heart, Al, and I thank you from the bottom of mine, for your kindness and your prayers. I'm happy for you to use whatever part of any communication I've sent you, if you think it will help others.

I remember how devastated I felt when I found out about my condition, and yes, it's been a hard road back to some sort of normality, without the support of my parents, husband and children, and I'm convinced that without your [information], well, perhaps I wouldn't have made it at all.

I'm sure that your new ebook is going to be a great success, given the effort and research you're putting into it, and I'm happy that I'm able to help in some small way. It's sad that so many suffer needlessly because of ignorance, or because all their Doctors can recommend is a placebo, which neither helps with the symptoms, the pain, or the condition, but is fast to create side effects which the Doctors are happy, again, to treat with useless drugs.

I'm so happy I found you, Dear Al. I will always remember your kindness, and thank God for the help you've given to me.

I hope that my experience and my perseverance will, through you, give hope and strength to those who need it, leading them to a healthy and happy life. I'm very much looking forward to reading your new book, and I'm absolutely chuffed that I was able to give you a bit of inspiration to … get it out there for the world to see, and for those who are suffering to find the [help] they've been looking for.
Very kindest regards,
(*Individual results may vary.)

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