Note: Health & healing benefits by this natural substance/treatment have been documented thousands of times (going back over 100 years) in mainstream scientific & medical journals, including JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association). However, we make no claims as to what it may do for you as individual results may vary.

Important News for Emphysema/COPD & Arthritis Sufferers …

How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks - ebook cover

Discover How A Man With Only 6 Months
To Live Came Across A Little-Known,
Medically & Scientifically-Proven
Natural Treatment—and Reversed
His Emphysema/COPD In Six Weeks!

After Six Weeks His Shocked Doctor,
Who Had Never Heard About This
Treatment, Ran Some Tests and then
Exclaimed: "Whatever You've
Been Doing—Keep Doing It!
Your Lungs Are 70% Clear

According to Dr. Dean Black, Natural Healing is Scientific:
"A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that people who prefer natural healing tend to be more educated, on the average, than people who prefer medicine alone. This seems surprising, since medical experts call natural healing 'unscientific.' As it turns out, however, natural healing, in some ways, is more scientific than medicine."
— Dr. Dean Black. Booklet: Vital Controversy – Why Educated People Are Turning to Natural Healing. The late Dr. Dean Black was highly educated in the sciences of both mainstream medicine and natural healing / alternative medicine; he was a respected author and lecturer on these topics. (If you get our main e-book today you will receive this booklet in PDF form as a bonus.) More and more doctors are embracing natural healing.

Healing successess by this little-known natural treatment have been
documented in mainstream medical & scientific journals for over 100 years.
Many high-quality healthcare professionals support it, including doctors (MD's).

This treatment has healed many people of different conditions,
including, arthritis, bronchitis, diabetes II, emphysema/COPD, and others.

However, it is NOT just for sick people. Very healthy people,
including athletes and the super rich—do this treatment for prevention,
and to gain or maintain mental & physical peak performance.

Thousands of people have successfully done this treatment.
But you won't hear about it from mainstream sources—even though it's
scientifically documented in their own medical journals. You won't hear it
from them because they're in the business of managing symptoms,
not health & healing; they generally treat effects not causes.
(Many good doctors and other qualified professionals have said this.)

Isn't it time you learned all about this treatment, yourself?
Well, you can learn all about it today …

Hello! Welcome to our website! I'm Jim, the man who beat emphysema/COPD in six weeks. This was years ago, in 1986. This photo is my grand-daughter and me riding a horse in 2005 about 19 years after the treatment saved & restored my life. Had I followed my doctor's plan (which was basically to "prepare to die") and had never discovered and done this simple alternative & natural treatment—I never would have known my grand-daughter or any of my seven grandchildren because all of them were born after I was slated to die.

If you or a loved is suffering from emphysema/COPD, arthritis or other chronic conditions, below is a letter to you that has some good news and valuable information for you. It also explains how we (Alan and I) can help you. (After my letter below you will meet Alan.)

My letter to you includes highlights of my life-restoration experience/story and information about the treatment that saved my life. This letter is also intermingled with some relevant points and facts to be aware of and consider as well as some testimonials from people who have read our e-book.

After you read this page, feel free to scroll back to the top and read our other web pages by clicking on the page titles, i.e., "Regeneration", "Testimonials". Also, in the top right-hand column, check out the FREE Lung Health eCourse and the Articles. Here's the letter …

Dear emphysema/COPD and/or arthritis sufferer,

Are you suffering, in pain, weak, oxygen-challenged, fearful, anxious, depressed, feeling hopeless … looking for a solution that has helped others with these conditions?

If so, you're at the right place. I've been where you are, and came out on top. And I was not the only one. Many people have used this treatment to beat their chronic health conditions or degenerative diseases, including emphysema/COPD and arthritis.


Statement from a reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

" … Hey! I BEAT COPD IN 87 DAYS for less than $40!!! … ."
"[T]hanks for all your help. Please feel free to use my experience … ."

—Anne W., Australia
You can read 11 of Anne's e-mails to us on our "Testimonials" page (by clicking it above). (Individual results may vary.) We have satisfied readers in over 14 countries and many states within the U.S.


This treatment is NOT a "cure" (by mainstream medicine's symptom-treating definition).
It, like many natural treatments, gives the body's cells & systems
what they need to fully do their jobs as nature intends and tends to do:
cleanse, balance, strengthen, heal, rejuvenate, and regenerate.

(See the 'Regeneration' page for more on this subject.)

How can mainstream medicine ever find a cure for anything
when their focus is treating symptoms (effects, not causes)?

They don't acknowledge the multiple alternative & natural treatments that
effectively healed countless people because these treatments are of a
different scientific paradigm. If they have the "best" form of medical science,
as they want us to believe—then why are many of their methods & drugs
killing over 700,000 people and harming millions every year

(See the article/report: "Death and Harm from Prescription Drugs")

We don't use the word "cure" because it is too tied with the mainstream expectation,
and it is too restrictive by their symptom-treating definition.

We prefer "beat" or "healed"—which is what many people have experienced.
After all, if the symptoms of a health problem are gone as a result
of a given treatment—who cares if mainstream medicine calls it a "cure"?

Our e-book explains more on healing vs. symptom treating,
the differences between mainstream vs. alternative/natural sciences, and more.
There really is a better general way to healing, and multiple ways
(methods & treatments) within the general way.


How can one treatment heal or greatly improve multiple conditions, simultaneously? According to some "forward-thinking" * doctors, one single treatment healing multiple conditions isn't logical by mainstream medical science. (Remember, mainstream medicine is mostly in the business of managing symptoms which has its own purposes, methods, science and logic.) But from the different science of natural healing which goes beyond managing symptoms to focus on health, wholeness, balance, strengthening body systemsthis healing of multiple conditions by a single treatment is logical. (This is one of the reasons that forward-thinking doctors, many athletes, celebrities and wealthy people are into alternative medicine & natural healing; they not only get positive results, but also see the logic in it. Our website and e-book explain all this, and more.)

* "Forward-thinking" doctors are Western, mainstream MD's who became frustrated with the limitations, ineffectiveness and dangers of mainstream medicine—and have come to embrace the wisdom and effectiveness of alternative medicine & natural healing.

One forward-thinking doctor said that orthodox medical logic and training are mostly about treating specific symptoms with specific drugs. Natural treatments, by contrast, are often general; that is, as they help the body cleanse, balance and strengthen—multiple symptoms often tend to disappear. (This is why my arthritis also disappeared when I did the treatment for emphysema/COPD.) This defies the logic of allopathic-orthodox-mainstream training. Yet, regardless of mainstream medical logic and lack of explanation—the reality is that this treatment (and other natural treatments) have achieved healing that mainstream symptom/effects-treating medicine hasn't and can't.

This treatment can and has healed multiple conditions simultaneously because it is a natural substance that is crucial to our health. And when it's done with the detailed method—it quickly and potently gives the body what it needs to cleanse, balance and heal itselfwhich are what the body tends to and can do (see "Regeneration" page)! Many mainstream drugs and methods actually undermine these natural functions of the body's innate healing power (see "Medicine" page).

There are a number of reasons why you won't hear about these healing successes from mainstream sources. (Our website and e-book address these reasons.)


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

"[Your] e-book is extremely good, well researched, documented and a mine of useful information…. [T]hank the Lord I am already on the 3rd day [of treatment] and finding some benefit in the form of increased energy level."
—Dave H., South Africa (Individual results may vary.)


And, yes, many of the conditions & diseases this treatment (and other alternative methods) have healed are considered "incurable" by mainstream medicine. Well, guess what—mainstream medicine is right; they are "incurable" by their own definition of cure and methods. Again, their whole focus is basically about treating symptoms (effects), not treating causes. Treating symptoms or "attacking" disease is vastly different than focusing on health & healing as alternative medicine & natural healing generally do. (Our website and e-book addresses this and other topics so you can get informed.)

No problems in any area of life (apart from health) are solved simply by trying to manage a problem's effects. As you know, the causes of the problems need to be addressed. Why would it be any different with overcoming health problems?

Of course, mainstream medicine says its trying to find "cures". Mainstream medicine has claimed for decades to be trying to discover cures for this and that condition. But, for nearly 50 years, no real cures by their methods have come. It seems that all they're doing is not trying to cure—but developing more drugs to better manage symptoms. And many of these (man-made) drugs have proven to be producing more harm than good. (Under "Articles" in the right column above, read the eye-opening article, "Death and Harm from Prescription Drugs.")

Though it's frustrating that mainstream medicine doesn't acknowledge the countless healing successes by this treatment (and other natural treatments)—we who have been healed or beat our ("incurable") health problems by this treatment (and other natural treatments) could care less whether they call it a "cure." We're just happy and thankful our health problems are gone! (To shift away from the limited definition of "cure" by the mainstream definition, we use the words, "healing" or "beat" a condition. If the condition and symptoms are gone as a result, as in our cases—we don't care what it's called!)

The truth & reality is that:

  • More and more people, including mainstream doctors (MD's), are fed up and frustrated with the limitations, ineffectiveness and dangers of many mainstream methods (i.e., drugs and too-invasive procedures that often do more damage than good);
  • Alternative medicine & natural healing are far more safe and effective than many people realize, and that mainstream medicine accepts or acknowledges. (The treatment I did is one of them.)

These are basic reasons why more and more people do, and are turning to, alternative medicine & natural healing, including forward-thinking doctors (MD's), athletes, celebrities, and the wealthy. Such intelligent and highly productive people wouldn't do this if they didn't experience benefits. And, according to reports, some of these highly productive people have done or do the treatment I did. Research shows that people who choose natural healing over medicine tend to be more educated.

Mainstream medicine doesn't support this substance/treatment—even though its healing benefits and positive uses have been documented in their own mainstream medical & scientific journals thousands of times going back over 100 years. This list of journals includes, JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association).


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

"I was so glad to get your E-book … . As I started to read it, I couldn't stop. Every sentence had me on the edge of my seat. The book was so professional but down home friendly and was of very high quality. I want your future customers to know how this E-book left me to appreciate all the months and years it took you to collect all these very solid and amazing sources … . I have been telling a lot of people about your website. Keep in Touch. Thanks"
—Linda D., MO (Individual results may vary.)


I can't express how grateful I've been all the years since to have received a second chance at life! I'm especially thankful that I've not only been able to know my grandchildren, but that throughout the years since my healing, I've been able to be relatively active with them, and do things we enjoyed together, such as, fishing, playing ball, riding horses and wood-working. These created many wonderful shared memories that would never have been had I not gotten a second chance at life.

Aren't you hoping for the same: a restored life, with some energy and strength to enjoy life, family and friends? Well, this is what I experienced; and, again, I'm not the only one—many people have beaten their health conditions with this treatment. (Our information reveals why a single natural treatment, such as this one, can heal a variety of conditions.)


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

"I read your report on emphysema and copd; it gives a very good account of how to successfully treat these conditions." —Alan M., Scotland

(Individual results may vary.)


If you or a loved one is suffering from emphysema/COPD, arthritis, bronchitis or another chronic condition or disease—Would you like to

  • Learn all about the little-known natural treatment that many other people and I have used to beat their conditions, the treatment that saved my life?
  • Learn from someone who has been where you areand won?
  • Gain some hope, guidance and encouragement for your situation?
  • Learn how I cleared my lungs by 70% in just six weeks, and how Anne (see "Testimonials" page) beat her COPD in 87 days?
  • Learn how I increased my oxygen levels without an oxygen tank?
  • Learn how I strengthened my immune and respiratory systems?
  • Learn how many other people (including me) have reversed their arthritis?
  • Learn how this substance/treatment has (and does) greatly benefitted BOTH sick and very healthy/wealthy people, that is, athletes and rich people?
  • Learn the details of this treatment in a simple, detailed and easy-to-do manner?
  • Receive additional free bonuses of natural healing treatments and ancient healing knowledge that have brought healing & health to countless people?
  • Learn more about the paradigm of alternative medicine & natural healing, how & why it's very effective, and more?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions,
then you're at the right website.

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions—we have the information for you. By reading your own copy of How I Beat Emphysema and COPD in Six Weeks!, you will discover that this single substance and treatment . . .

  • Is convenient (home use)
  • Is natural and very safe (used as this program outlines); thousands of people have safely & successfully done it, and still do
  • Is simple and takes less than 5 minutes a day to do (once you learn how)
  • Is inexpensive—only about $20 US (e-book shows you where to get it)
  • Is effective (One MD who was skeptical of this substance at first, researched it—and then became a strong supporter of it)
  • Is supported by alternative health practitioners, including forward-thinking medical doctors (MD's)
  • Positive results by this substance have been scientifically demonstrated and documented thousands of times in mainstream medical & scientific journals (this documentation goes back into the mid 1800's)
  • Thousands of people have safely and successfully used this substance to heal a variety of ailments, diseases and chronic conditions, including, asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, diabetes II, cancer, emphysema/COPD, enfluenza, and heart disease
  • Strengthens the body's immune and respiratory systems
  • Enhances cellular functioning (in the brain and throughout the body)
  • Helps eliminate toxins from cells, clean the lungs; it helps cleanse the body overall at the cellular level
  • It has even been successfully used for animals for various diseases and conditions. Since animals don't have the ability to expect/believe for a result, this pretty much rules out the placebo effect that mainstream medicine strives so hard to minimize or eliminate with double-blind testing (that is, animals don't have the capacities to believe or expect for certain results that may sway results in a subjective manner)
  • There are actually 5 methods/treatments of using this amazing & natural substance. I used only Method 1 to beat my condition; Anne used Methods 1 & 2 to beat her COPD (see Anne's e-mails on our 'Testimonials' page)
  • Is in alignment with Nature and its health & healing principles, processes & precision which naturally move within our bodies to cleanse, balance, strengthen, heal, rejuvenate and regenerate our bodies. These are natural functions of living organisms, including us humans (see the 'Regeneration' page). This treatment fits right into natural healing because it is of Nature.

This treatment is NOT just for sick people.
It can be done by virtually anyone—even healthy people.

This means that, if you do this treatment, your family members & friends
can do it right along with you for support for you AND their own health.
My teen-age son did it with me in 1986, and his allergy to grass totally disappeared.

Many healthy people, including super healthy people, such as, athletes and the super rich use this natural substance & treatment because it …

  • Increases mental & physical energy, strength and endurance; it helps them gain or maintain mental & physical peak performance
  • Decreases recovery time from workouts for athletes

As you can see, there are many advantages to this treatment. Again, the positive uses and benefits of this treatment are well-documented in mainstream medical journals, and thousands of people have used it successfully for several decades now.

It's not our fault most U.S. doctors know little or nothing, nor support what their own journals document. Actually, in all fairness, however—it's not the doctors' fault they don't know. Doctors in general don't know because the medical schools in the U.S. don't teach this treatment, or its many healing successes. Any doctors that do know about this treatment and support it had to study it for themselves; they also had to change their thinking about medicine and healing science because this treatment is of a different scientific paradigm than they were taught in medical school. One doctor was skeptical about this treatment, at first; but after he studied the medical journals—he became a strong supporter of using the substance.

This (different) paradigm of healing was discovered (independently) and used thousands of years ago by the ancient Chinese, Ayurveda (ancient science & medicine of India), and Hippocrates of ancient Greece.

(See below on this page, and the "Medicine" and "Regeneration" pages for more about this different paradigm of healing. A basic understanding of this different paradigm of healing is key to understanding how the treatment I did, and alternative medicine & natural healing in general, are so safe & effective. You don't have to learn or understand this different paradigm of healing to do the treatment I did, but it is very beneficial because you can gain some valuable knowledge that can help you better understand this treatment and alternative medicine & natural healing in general. That's why this information is in our e-book.)


"A disease is to be cured naturally by man's own [innate healing] power,
and physicians help it."

— Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine. Insertion added

This treatment is not ancient; it is modern. And it aligns with nature and assists our
innate healing power & processes
—just as Hippocrates said 2500 years ago in ancient Greece.

This is what alternative medicine & natural healing do
through a diversity of philosophies & practices, both ancient & modern.
They align with nature and assist our amazing innate healing power.

In contrast, many mainstream drugs & treatments actually work against nature and our
innate healing power
which is primarily why they produce so much harm and death every year.
(Under "Articles" above in the right column, read: "Death and Harm from Prescription Drugs").

We tend to believe, today, that the latest is the greatest (even in medicine).
This may be true for cell phones, computers and other technolgies.
However, as many mainstream treatments are not natural or are too invasive
(often weakening the body)—when it comes to health & healing—the latest is NOT the greatest!

Whether ancient or modern, healing treatments that align with nature
are the greatest! For the health & healing principles of nature, are timeless.


Okay, let's move on to my story of how I beat emphysema/COPD in six weeks …

Back in 1986 … I was fearful, discouraged and hopeless … with no solution in sight.

I was diagnosed with emphysema/COPD. My doctor did everything he could, and then, eventually, gave up on me. He told me if I changed my lifestyle, especially to stop smoking, I could have up to two years to live; but if I didn't change, I would have at the longest six months. Well, at that point, I was so weak I didn't feel like changing anything, so I was on the six-month track …

I had become so weak physically, mentally and emotionally that I didn't even have the will to fight for my life. At that point, my skin color was blue-ish due to a lack of oxygen. My wife and teen-age son and daughter wanted to help, but there was nothing they could do. With no hope in sightI had resolved to die. I could feel death coming upon me as I grew weaker each day.

But then everything began to change, and fast . . .

I discovered a little-known treatment that would change the course of my life … more accurately, put me back ON the course of life—and extend my life for years to come . . .

One day, in the shopping mall close to our house, my wife ran into an old friend of ours we hadn't seen in a while. She happened to be into natural healing & remedies. After my wife told her about my condition, our friend told my wife about a treatment that had helped many people for a quite a few diseases and conditions, including emphysema/COPD and arthritis.

This treatment was (and still is) relatively little-known. Most professionals in mainstream medicine, especially then, knew little to nothing about it. However, thousands of people had used it successfully, often with amazing results. Upon learning of this treatment from our friend, my wife gathered some information to read about it, and then bought this natural stuff when she was able to find where to get it. It cost about us about $16.

As my wife and I read the information about this treatment and of many testimonials from it—hope began to arise in meat least enough to try it. What did I have to lose?! I was on my "death bed." I had resolved to die … but deep inside—I really didn't want to die.

As most people would think about this sort of thing, "It sounded too good to be true!" I thought that, too, at firstbut the information was too solid. There were many high quality and authoritative sources supporting this treatment. And there were too many positive testimonials to ignore. With all this, there just had to be something to it!


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

"I have found your book very interesting & very helpful. The treatment is so simple & I feel it is helping me already. Thank you for … your book."
—A.P.D., New Zealand
(Individual results may vary.)


With some curiosity and a little hope, I soon began doing this simple treatment at home.

In our reading the information, what we discovered about this treatment was nothing short of amazing, especially since it was so little-known. (The bulleted list in blue text above are many of the things we learned.)

As I read the information about this treatment, I began pondering the questions most people would have in my situation, questions like: Why didn't my doctor know about this? If this really works, Why don't all doctors use it?Why isn't this treatment that has helped or healed many people of different conditions all over the news and media? I later found out that my doctor knew nothing about this treatment … and I soon found out why he didn't (see our 'Quotes' and 'Medicine' pages for why).


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

"I read the PDF e-book. Well written. Very impressed with the stories and sources to go to back it all up."  —M. Owen, Australia

(Individual results may vary.)


Another thing I came to realize (later) about this treatment is that, although most of the information and opinions out there about it are positive, there are some negative claims out there by some sources. However, as many others and I have come to see, most if not all of the negative claims come from sources are likely little or misinformed, OR have an agenda against this natural, inexpensive, and virtually unprofitable substance and treatment. (Based on much evidence and many qualified independent sources—natural, inexpensive treatments threaten the mainstream medical profit-driven system.) If they have an agenda, they don't let the facts get in their way.

If after reading our e-book you come across some negative sources (which are usually from mainstream sources) regarding this substance/treatment, make sure you balance your information before reaching a conclusionfor there are many highly qualified sources that support its use, i.e., doctors, scientists, researchers, clinics, educated laymen, and people who have experienced positive results from it. High performance athletes and wealthy people wouldn't do this treatment if it wasn't benefiting them.

Why are these sources saying negative things about this treatment—when their own medical journals document many positive results by it?


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

"… I am now on my 8th day of the program, and I already sense cleaner lungs." —Ab N., B.C., Canada (Individual results may vary.)


Okay, back to my story . . .

Upon starting this simple treatment, everything began to change, and fast . . .

Within three days of beginning this treatment—my energy and strength began to quickly return! My skin color was no longer blue-ish. On the third day, I actually felt like working, and did for a few hours—though my wife tried to discourage me. (We had our own business.) It was incredible—as quickly as I had been degenerating before starting this treatment—I was now being restored! Each day thereafter, I was feeling better, stronger, and working longer. My family and friends were as amazed as I was!

About six weeks after I began this treatment, I returned to my doctor for a check-up. He was amazed to see me doing so well. He ran some tests and, after looking over everything, he exclaimed: "Whatever you've been doing—keep doing it! Your lungs are 70% clear!"

It seems that most emphysema/COPD sufferers who use an oxygen tank and/or medications don't ever really improve. They just seem to maintain or get worse (though maybe slower). But this simple treatment had quickly reversed my emphysema/COPD, cleaned my lungs—and restored my life—in just 6 weeks!


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

" … Hey! I BEAT COPD IN 87 DAYS for less than $40!!! … ."
"[T]hanks for all your help. Please feel free to use my experience … ."

—Anne W., Australia
(Individual results may vary.)


Besides regaining my life, three other things were amazing from this treatment . . .

  1. I did this simple treatment only one time, daily, for the duration of the program. I could have repeated it through the years, occasionally, or stayed on the maintenance treatment, as some people do. But I didn't.
  2. Soon after I finished the duration of the treatment, I realized I experienced one side-effect: My arthritis had totally disappeared! I like that kind of side-effect! I've never had any pain from arthritis since! It had to be from this treatment because it was the only thing I did differently; the relief occured during this same time period. During my reading of this treatment, when I first learned of it, I had read that it was also an effective treatment for arthritis (and other conditions). But at that time I was far more concerned about my emphysema/COPD, so I wasn't really aware that my arthritis was disappearing over those few weeks. Again, what a great side-effect!
  3. I must also tell you another thing: I really don't like to emphasize this, but the truth is, when I did this treatment, and for all these 20 plus years since, I never quit smoking. This will likely strike you as unbelievable, but it's true. I continued to smoke about a pack a day all these years since. I don't want you to think I'm suggesting a way to "beat" the consequences of smoking, as most agree it really is not a healthy habit. As amazingly well as I've done from this treatment, I'm sure I would have done even better had I quit smoking. My official recommendation for anyone in this situation is: Quit smoking. As it's been said, "Do as I say, not as I do."

Well, that's the basics of my health and life restoration. My full story and the exact treatment I used are in our e-book, and much more. Although this treatment is very simple and takes only minutes a day, it's not as simple as taking a vitamin.There is much to learn about it before even starting it (which is why we put it all in a book).

The bottom line is: This treatment has worked for many people, for decades. Our e-book will reveal its overwhelming credibility—GUARANTEED! This treatment literally saved my life, and I thank God for it!

I know what you or your loved one is likely going through … weakness, suffering, fear, hopelessness. I, possibly like you or your loved one, was just months away from death! Many people have benefited from my story and this treatment over the years since 1986. And I believe it can benefit you and your family.

If you need some hope, encouragement, guidance and education—claim your copy of our e-book now to get my full story, the treatment I did, and much more. With our guarantee—you have nothing to lose and much to gain!


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

"Uplifting and insightful I was pleased to find someone who has gone through a difficult time and came out with helpful advice that others can follow too. After a year off work I was desperate to find further information that I could research. As I'm in UK I searched for … and was delighted to find [your] details so I too can rush off and order and enjoy the benefits. Not just an inspiring read but hope for us all too. Thank you Jim and Al for bringing it to our attention."
—Philip R, UK (Individual results may vary.)


Remember, my doctor did not know about this treatment, yet he cared enough about me and my family to encourage me to continue doing what he knew was working! I'm so thankful that I didn't follow his original recommendation, which was basically: Go home and prepare to die. I am thankful I quickly educated myself on it, chose to try it, and took action. My family and I benefitted big-time!

One thing about alternative medicine and natural remedies is that they require you to gain some knowledge, to think for yourself, and to take some responsibility for your health. And the end benefit is worth far more than the effort invested.


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

"I have received the book [for my pops] and my pops loves it … ." —Bobbie

(Individual results may vary.)


Mainstream medicine basically wants people to be dependent upon their knowledge and do what they recommend; this is disempowering for patients. But alternative medicine & natural healing, on the other hand, in many ways empowers people.

There are times to trust mainstream medicine, but there are many times we can take our health concerns into our own hands—often getting much safer and more effective results! Our e-book and the other e-books we offer can help you discover how and when to trust and use mainstream medicine.

It really saddens and angers me to see people suffering from emphysema/COPD, often being stuck to a tank for months or longer, apparently with little, if any, improvement in health, energy, strength or quality of life! There really is a better, more effective way to treat these conditions. Our e-book and sources will prove it to you. We are fully confident you will enjoy and benefit from it as others have!

We can't and don't make any claims as to what this treatment will do for you. And, like any natural treatment, individual results will vary because there are many variables. All we can do is share how I discovered it, the details of the program, how I did it, and what it has done for me and others. What you do with the information is up to you.


Statement from another reader of our e-book:
(See more statements on our 'Testimonials' page)

"I read your book and love it. I'd like to start this therapy…."
—Sadie M., NM, USA
(Individual results may vary.)


I'd like to now introduce Alan (a.k.a., "Al") because he helped me write my story in the book because I'm "technically challenged." He also wrote the remainder of our e-book after my story, and most of this website. You'll meet him toward the bottom of this page.

Alan and I are not doctors. We are common people, probably much like you. However, we are informed, educated and experienced with this treatment. This treatment saved my life. And Alan and his family have experienced many other health & healing benefits from it as well as other natural treatments over the years since 1986.

Alan knew me and my family when I was diagnosed with emphysema/COPD. He was one of the witnesses of my life restoration in six weeks. Alan, like everyone else (including me)—was amazed at how effective this treatment was. Especially after he found out from me that my doctor had never heard of this treatment—Alan got really curious to learn more about the treatment. He also wanted to know just why my doctor (and other doctors, apparently) didn't learn about it in their medical educationfrom their own medical journals!

Alan was intrigued by this, and made it a mission to find answers to how & why this treatment worked so well, why doctors didn't know about it, and other questions that most rational have upon learning about the successes by this treatment. This set Alan on a course of studying and experiencing alternative medicine & natural healing which has been over 20 years (at the time of writing our e-book). He was in college at the time of my life-restoration experience and was able to turn much of his research on these subjects into term papers that were required in some of his classes. (His professors gave him "A's" on his papers because the information was well-researched, solid and credible.)

Over the years, I've shared my life-restoration story and the treatment I did with many people, usually over a cup of coffee or two. Since so many people enjoyed hearing my story and were interested in the treatment, Alan began suggesting that we write a book to tell it all. Over the years, Alan had gained knowledge, experiences and insights related to the treatment and other natural treatments that he also wanted to include in the book.

(Many people have heard of a person or maybe several who have been healed by alternative medicine or natural treatments; but this small sample doesn't reveal how widely successful these treatments have been and are. There have been many cases similar to mine in which people's doctors had given up on them—and they went on to get fully healed by alternative treatments. Alan has studied many different treatments and learned of countless actual healing successes from the treatment I did, and other methods. Mainstream medicine tends to ignore and discount such healing successes—because they come from a different kind of sciencea science of health & healing, not merely symptom management. (Our e-book gets into this different paradigm & science of healing.)


How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks - ebook coverSo, after years of talking about writing my story, about the treatment, and Alan's information all in a book—we finally did it. We titled our e-book,

How I Beat Emphysema/COPD in Six Weeks!
Chronic Conditions & Degenerative Diseases Can Be Reversed

Actually, it's not a hard-copy book, but an e-book (electronic or digital book) that you can download right to your computer and be reading within minutes from now. You don't have to wait days or weeks to get it in the mail. Toward the bottom of this page you can read what our e-book includes.


See the lists "Benefits …" and "Features …" of our e-book below.

The treatment I did as well as the other treatments in our e-book and the other e-books
we offer on the "Purchase eBook" page have helped countless people achieve real healing & health!

Will YOU be next?

Along with our own experiences and insights,
we've distilled this information in a way that will save you much time, effort, and money
from having to gather it yourself. We also offer guidance in our e-book to other
sources & resources for each treatment if you'd like to study them further.

Thank you for visiting and for your time! Here's Alan . . .


Hello! I'm Alan. Welcome to our website! This photo is of our family at the Oregon coast. The beautiful woman & wonderful mother of our children is Jim's daughter I married. These are five of Jim's seven grandchildren he would have never known had he not discovered and did the treatment that saved his life.

We have all been so thankful over the many years since 1986 that "Papa" didn't leave this world before his grandchildren entered it!

I was in college when I met Jim (through my father). I became close with his family a couple years before he was diagnosed with emphysema/COPD. I saw him nearing the door of death from this life-sapping condition—and then witnessed his amazing recovery by this treatment just weeks later!

In 1986, after Jim told me that his doctor didn't know anything about the treatment that
saved his life—yet healing successes by it had been abundantly documented in
mainstream medical & scientific journals for over 100 years—I became very curious
as to why his doctor had learned nothing about it in his medical training

So, I set out to find answers … and the answers came.

Being in college at the time gave me the opportunity to research and write about subjects relating to mainstream medicine vs. alternative medicine & natural healing. I took many courses in psychology, social science, the hard sciences, and philosophy (including the philosophy of science).

As often as I could in my college courses, I chose topics to write on that I could somehow relate to my personal interest in researching alternative medicine & natural healing subjects. (For example, in one of my philosophy courses, Morality & Ethics, I wrote a research paper that was on the premise that it is immoral and unethical for mainstream medicine to consistently reject alternative treatments that demonstrated safety and effectiveness. I then presented my case that mainstream medicine had in fact been doing this for decades; this was all supported in my paper by many authoritative sources and facts. This philosophy professor happened to be on the Ethics board of one of the local hospitals, and he liked my research paper so much that he asked me for a copy for his personal use. (He gave me an "A" on the paper.)

During this time in college, I discovered and studied many different kinds of alternative & natural healing treatments. I read many healing testimonials, many of which were documented by doctors and other qualified sources. Most people simply don't have the time to study and read as I did on these subjects. But, because I was in college, and able to get credit in my courses for my personal interests in these subjects, I was able to put more time into it than most people. (By the way, I earned A's on most all of these research papers and other writing assignments because the information was solid and it was received by my instructors/professors as credible.)

Fast forward more than 20 years …

I have long wanted Jim to write his life-restoration story and this treatment in a book. I also wanted to add much of what I had learned about the treatment he did, other relevant information and my experiences with alternative medicine & natural healing. I have done the treatment Jim did myself many times over the years.

What has the treatment Jim did done for my family, friends and me? …

  • It has helped me and my family members and friends fight off colds and sore throats very quickly many times over the years. (A cold or a sore throat can last up to a week or longer; with this treatment, we often beat them off within 1 – 3 days.)
  • One of my friends had a large wart on his thumb for several years. He had tried some mainstream treatments that didn't work. He then tried this substance as I explained how (a different method than Jim did)—and his wart totally disappeared within days.
  • When one of our daughters was about 3 years old, she got food poisoning and had severe stomach pain/cramps. Before we rushed her to the hospital we gave her a small dose of the natural substance. After about 20 minutes all of her stomach pain/cramps from the food poisoning were gone, and she was totally fine!
  • Years ago, I used to get earaches one to several times a year. Since doing this treatment a couple times years ago—I haven't had an earache in years.
  • I also used to get bronchitis once or twice a year, for years. My coughing from it would usually last for up to 2 or 3 weeks before I could shake it. (I usually refused anti-biotics.) One time when I started to feel bronchitis coming on, I used "Method 2" (described in our e-book) of the substance—and the bronchitis and coughing fully disappeared within just 2 days! I've never gotten bronchitis since.

Now, after many years and much effort, Jim and I finally have it all in a book.
And since it's a downloadable e-book—you can get it and be reading it
beginning in just minutes from now.

On our "Purchase eBook" page we offer many more e-books on
diverse methods of alternative medicine & natural healing.

If you want real health & healing information beyond symptom treating
you've struck a mother-load here.
We've made special arrangements with other authors/sources so
we can offer these e-books at a fraction of their individual retail value!

Why do we offer so much information on this website,
and in our "main" e-book and other e-books? Because …

  • Some people just want to know the treatment that Jim did. (This section is easy to find in our e-book.)
  • Other people want to know the treatment Jim did, and also have their broader questions answered; they also want to know the history, the differences between the sciences, and more.
  • And still others want additional alternative & natural health & healing information to build their own library of resources and knowledge.

We have information for all three categories of people.

Unlike the limited options of mainstream medicine, we offer many choices.
You can choose whatever information you are interested in.
And this information and all the methods & treatments are not of mere symptom treating—
but come from the timeless, "broader paradigm" of healing & health!

Many of these other natural methods have been and can be done
concurrently, which may enhance Nature & speed overall healing & health.

Before you choose an e-book bundle
first look over all the bundles on the "Purchase eBook" page.

Why should you care about learning more than Jim's story and the treatment he did?

  1. Because most people want more answers as to how this treatment fits in with healing.
  2. Learning some basic history of the long struggle between mainstream medicine and alternative medicine & natural healing, and the differences between their sciences, and more—can help you gain a greater appreciation for alternative methods and treatments.
  3. Having this knowledge can also help you more adequately communicate with doctors, friends and family members who often resist alternative approaches to healing, especially when a loved one's life is hanging in the balance.
  4. Learning real healing & health methods and treatments can drastically improve your health and your and loved ones.
  5. Knowing more ways to gain healing & health for yourself and family, can save you much time and money from doctors and even alternative doctors. This can be hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings, not to mention the time saved from keeping doctor appointments. My family and I have saved a lot time and money over the years by treating ailments and illnesses inexpensively at home. We've benefitted many times from most all of the treatments & remedies shared in the e-book..

If natural healing ways and cause-focused treatments (as opposed to mere symptom treating)
are sought out and used by these highly productive people, like athletes and rich people—
why shouldn't the rest of us, including YOU, be seeking and using them, too?!

Are you an action taker, like Jim, Anne and other people?
If so, choose & download a Bundle of e-books today.

You can be reading our "main" e-book or any one of them
within minutes from now!

To get your e-book(s) now,
scroll back to the top of this page, and click "Purchase eBook."

You'll soon be glad you did!

Thank you for visiting our website!

Jim & Alan


Click on the headings below to open & close their dropdown text:

>>Benefits of our main e-book (plus FREE Bonuses within e-book and the "Basic Bundle"):

  • Jim's full story of how he beat his emphysema/COPD (and arthritis) in six weeks.
  • The information is grounded in over 20 years of education & experience with this substance/treatment and the other relevant subjects.
  • The information and perspectives are grounded in qualified sources (i.e., alternatives supporting doctors), evidence, facts and logic.
  • Full details of the substance/treatment Jim did.
  • All 5 methods/treatments of using this natural substance.
  • Some history of the centuries-long struggle between mainstream medicine and alternative medicine
  • Introduction to the differences between their respective sciences (which both have their strengths).
  • Sources of where to get the substance for this treatment.
  • Resources that validate the credibility of this treatment.
  • 9 FREE Bonuses: Other natural & effective treatments that have significantly helped or eliminated/reversed various other illnesses, conditions and diseases for countless people (these are not the titles, but brief descriptions):

FREE BONUS: A jolt & lunge toward health & healing
FREE BONUS: Ancient Chinese health & healing knowledge
FREE BONUS: This can enhance the effects of the others
FREE BONUS: The cause of a major disease—a key to health
FREE BONUS: Extreme cellular fuel—a key to health & healing
FREE BONUS: This has been said to 'keep the doctor away' (it's not an apple)
FREE BONUS: A fun treatment which can enhance all other bonus treatments
FREE BONUS: Amazingly simple, inexpensive and effective
FREE BONUS: Amazing how the body responds to this


FREE BONUS: Why educated people choose natural healing
FREE BONUS: Secrets of the FDA

More Ancient Chinese Health & Healing Knowledge:
FREE BONUS: Health with a Chinese Twist
FREE BONUS: Regeneration vs. Substitution
FREE BONUS: Regeneration: Life Replenishing Life

Centuries-Old Natural Healing Knowledge:
FREE BONUS: A chart that can 'save your life'
FREE BONUS: Access to an excellent FREE e-book about the conflict between mainstream medicine and alternative medicine

  • More FREE Bonuses: 8 potent "Rare Remedies" for come very common ailments:
  1. No-Scar/Mark Burns – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Degree burns!
  2. Hemorrhoids Painlessly Gone within a few days; less than $5!
  3. Coughs Stopped in Seconds! (Even night coughing with kids)
  4. Food Poisoning Gone in 15 Minutes! (we onced used this on our toddler)
  5. Warts Gone within a Few Days! (for pennies)
  6. External Bleeding Stopped virtually immediately!
  7. Bruising Virtually Eliminated from injuries!
  8. Insect Sting/Pain/Itching/Swelling Gone in minutes, not days!
  • And more

Our e-book with all these FREE bonuses is valued at $27.00.
But you can get all this for ONLY $14.95 with the Basic Bundle
(on the "Purchase eBook" page).

PLUS, besides all this in our e-book, with the Basic Bundle
you'll get 4 other e-books—all for ONLY $14.95.

The full retail value of the Basic Bundle is $76.82.
That's a savings of $61.87.

Our hard work of writing our experiences and perspectives and gathering,
compiling and producing this e-book can save you much time and effort
in gathering and learning this information on your own.

>>Features of our main e-book:

  • Instant download after PayPal transaction; you don't have to wait days or longer to receive it.
  • It is in PDF format which is the most common type of e-book.
  • Can be read on both PC's and Macs.
  • Clearly defined sections of the various subjects.
  • Convenient navigation throughout e-book: Simply click on the section page number you want to read and you will instantly be taken there; then, in the footer of each page, click on the return to Table of Contents and you'll instantly return. This saves much time in scrolling and searching for what you want to find.
  • You can print a hard copy of this e-book or selected pages and then put the pages in a three-ring binder. If you print the pages one-sided you can write notes on the back side of the pages, if you'd like.


  1. I have a light wheeze and crackles when I am laying in bed on my left side.I am also short of breath.Can alternative treatment help me?I have had an X Ray,have not been given a report.




  2. Hi John,

    This treatment has helped other people with this condition. See Anne’s emails on our “Testimonials” page.

    Thank you for your question.


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